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Lead Exposure’s Silent Threat to IQ and Lives

Global lead exposure remains a severe health risk. A groundbreaking study reveals alarming figures: 765 million IQ points lost in children, 5,545,000 adult cardiovascular deaths, and a $6.0 trillion economic toll in 2019. Urgent action is needed to address this ongoing, widespread threat.

Revolutionary Lead spray test using solar cell tech

AMOLF researchers innovate with perovskite semiconductors, unveiling a lead detection spray test 1,000 times more sensitive than existing methods. Published in Environmental Science & Technology, this breakthrough combines fundamental research with real-world impact, creating a global application with zero false results. Access detailed insights on phys.org.


A lead test based on solar cell technology

AMOLF researchers pioneer a game-changing lead detection spray test using perovskite semiconductors, 1000 times more sensitive than existing methods. This breakthrough, led by Lukas Helmbrecht and Wim Noorduin, marks a rare instance of fundamental research with global impact. Explore details on amolf.nl.

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Direct Environmental Lead Detection

Despite the leaded gasoline ban, environmental lead exposure lingers. A cost-effective method, utilizing perovskite semiconductors, detects lead by spraying materials with methylammonium bromide. This reliable test covers various materials, offering a practical solution for widespread lead testing in soil, paint, cables, and more. Discover detailed insights on pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov.


Green Fluorescent Light with Spray-on Detector

AMOLF researchers unveil a groundbreaking lead detection method—a spray-on reagent that instantly illuminates fluorescent green under UV light in the presence of minute lead amounts. Published in Environmental Science & Technology, this rapid, sensitive detection offers a crucial solution to combat lead exposure’s severe health risks. Explore detailed insights on cen.acs.org.

Lead Poisoning in Adults

Lead exposure can lead to health issues in adults. Occupational exposure, hobbies, and contaminated products are common sources. Take steps to protect yourself and your family. Learn more about lead poisoning in adults and preventive measures.

Lead Poisoning: A Silent Threat to Health

Lead poisoning poses long-term harm, especially to children, affecting multiple body systems. Prevention is vital due to widespread use and contamination. It causes developmental issues, hypertension, and kidney damage. Urgent action is needed to address this global crisis.