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Lead Exposure’s Silent Threat to IQ and Lives

Lead exposure, despite prior declines, remains a global health risk. A groundbreaking study estimates a massive burden: 765 million IQ points lost in children and 5.5 million adult cardiovascular deaths in 2019 due to lead. Economic cost: $6 trillion, 90.2% in low and middle-income nations.

Lead Poisoning in Adults

Lead exposure can lead to health issues in adults. Occupational exposure, hobbies, and contaminated products are common sources. Take steps to protect yourself and your family. Learn more about lead poisoning in adults and preventive measures.

Lead Poisoning: A Silent Threat to Health

Lead poisoning poses long-term harm, especially to children, affecting multiple body systems. Prevention is vital due to widespread use and contamination. It causes developmental issues, hypertension, and kidney damage. Urgent action is needed to address this global crisis.

The cost of Lead

Researchers estimate that in some countries, the costs of Lead exposure are equivalent to as much as 6% of GDP. The cost of the problem is large because the numbers affected are too: figures compiled by UNICEF, Pure Earth, the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation, and the World Health Organization estimates that Lead poisoning […]

Titaan: A hub for Impact Businesses to improve the world

Titaan is a hub that supports impact businesses like LumetalliX, promoting environmental and public health. LumetalliX’s lead detection solution is an example of how Titaan businesses make a positive impact. With sustainable design and collaborative workspace, Titaan fosters innovation and positive change.