Titaan: A hub for Impact Businesses to improve the world

Titaan, a former storage facility in the old Caballero factory located in Binckhaven, The Hague, has been transformed into a sustainable business hub for impact companies. The building boasts 13,000 square meters of space that can accommodate businesses ranging from 8 to 150 employees.

The facility is already 50% occupied, and on the ground floor, a communal space has been created where innovative entrepreneurs can meet, network and collaborate. Titaan is built using sustainable materials, with a glass roof that allows natural light to flood in, creating a pleasant working environment for its occupants. The building also retains many of its original features and provides various workspace options that cater to the needs of different kinds of businesses.

Impact Businesses

Titaan aims to support impact businesses, which are companies that aim to make the world a better place by providing solutions to everyday problems. LumetalliX is a company that aligns with this vision.

Lead Poisoning: A Severe Threat

Lead is toxic, and even short exposure to small concentrations of Lead can cause severe and permanent damage, especially in small children. LumetalliX has developed a Lead detection solution that can detect Lead in various materials. LumetalliX’s Lead detection solution is straightforward to use. It involves spraying or dripping the reagent onto the material suspected of containing Lead.

If Lead is present, it will light up, making it easy to detect.

The company’s solution is highly sensitive, even to 200ppm of solid Lead, which is detectable with the naked eye. The sensitivity can also be tuned to suit specific applications.

Promoting Environmental and Public Health

LumetalliX’s Lead detection solution is instrumental in promoting environmental and public health. By making it easier to detect Lead in various materials, the company can prevent Lead poisoning and create a safer world for everyone. LumetalliX’s Lead detection solution is ideal for various industries, including manufacturing, construction, and environmental testing.


Titaan is a hub that aims to provide a conducive working environment for impact businesses. LumetalliX is one of the many businesses that contribute to making the world a better place by providing innovative solutions to everyday problems. By detecting Lead in various materials, LumetalliX is helping to promote environmental and public health, and their solution is an ideal choice for many different industries.